QA Polygraph’s highly qualified and professional senior polygraph examiners provide our clients with accurate and reliable results. Our examiners have all received advanced training from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Law Enforcement Polygraph school. Each examiner served as a full-time law enforcement officer and a polygraph examiner before conducting private examinations.

Every polygraph examination is administered in a discreet and professional manner. We are committed to the best practices of polygraph in meeting the polygraph needs of our clients utilizing state-of-the-art computerized polygraph systems.

dana-wicklandPlease contact me for an appointment or for any questions concerning polygraph testing.

Dana Wickland
QA Polygraph
Licensed, Bonded Examiner
Phone: 254-596-1378

I have more than 30 years law enforcement experience, employed by the Texas Department of Public Safety in the Highway Patrol Service, Criminal Investigations Division, and Polygraph Unit. I have experience in interviewing both suspects and victims. My investigations have included complex criminal enterprises, vehicle theft rings, sex crimes, sex offender violations, narcotics, terrorism, and horse track conspiracies. I have conducted polygraph examinations involving homicides, thefts, missing persons, sexual assaults, and child offenses including pornography and solicitation, as well as tactical polygraph examinations. Following retirement from DPS in 2018, I have made a career providing polygraph examinations for fact verification.

Polygraph testing can include, but is not limited to:

  • Pre-Employment Testing — as requested by law enforcement agencies and security firms to have an applicant’s information verified by polygraph.
  • Criminal Case Testing — as used for law enforcement criminal investigations. Also helpful for defense attorneys to avoid or diminish prosecutions. Many states still admit polygraph results relating to post-conviction issues.
  • Domestic/Relationship Testing — as administered to suspected unfaithful spouses or life partners. Our examiners conduct exams on referrals from therapists or upon individual request.
  • Employee Theft/Business Loss Testing — as an aid in the investigation from employers, provided that Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) requirements have been met.
  • Civil/Family Law — as utilized for truth verification in matters of issue pending before a court or administrative agency.

All exams are conducted by appointment only. Weekends and after-hours appointments are available. Legal clients can be tested at their attorneys’ offices for complete discretion.

Three phases of a polygraph exam:

  1. Pre-test interview
  2. In-Test
  3. Post-Test Interview

During a polygraph examination, the examinee’s physiological patterns are captured either using an analog or computer-aided polygraph instrument. The examinee’s respiratory (breathing) patterns, blood pressure, pulse rate, and electrodermal (sweat gland) activity is simultaneously and visually recorded. Additional physiological tracing patterns may be recorded. Properly conducted, a polygraph should take a MINIMUM of 90 minutes.

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